The Camp Cast was a podcast series that used to be active in around 2018-2019, with a total of 40 episodes. It was hosted by ImAllexx and then-small YouTuber James Marriott where they get together or sometimes bring in guest stars to just discuss a variety of topics.

Information[edit | edit source]

The episodes first came out on Patreon where fans could support the podcast by buying episodes, and as they got released, they eventually got posted to YouTube on a separate channel.

Nowadays, there are no more Camp Cast episodes. When the podcast ended, Alex turned the Camp Cast channel into a channel for his own Internet Sensation podcast. However, an unofficial Camp Cast channel has been created by a fan with reposts of all 40 episodes, with Alex's permission.

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List of Episodes[edit | edit source]

(with YouTube links)

# Name Guest Star(s)
40 H3H3 Body Shaming
39 James Charles Exposed Himself To Us Slazo
38 Gamers Unite Kwite
37 Leon Lush and Slazo Takeover Leon Lush
36 Thanos Fingers The Right Opinion
35 The End Game
34 Shane Dawson's Cat
33 These YouTubers Suck BluesDank
32 ImAllexx is Cancelled
31 Meeting Ricky Gervais
30 Adpocalypse 2 Atozy
29 Mr Chicken Fingers
28 Bean Beasts INabber
27 YouTubers Going To Prison
26 We Cried
25 KSI Hates Alex
24 Our Big Problem
23 Memeulous Is Lonely Memeulous
22 Merry Christmas
21 Lilly Singh Is Entitled
20 The Deleted Episode
19 WillNE Ruins Everything WillNE
18 LA YouTubers Suck
17 JackSepticEye Live Review
16 Tana Mongoose's Scary Gestapo Costume
15 Leafy Is Not Here
14 Don't Say Nigahiga
13 Our New Host skeleton
12 Accents
11 Beans
10 Hand Shakes
9 Chicken Nuggets Ellbat
8 The Gummy Bear Album
7 Stan Accounts
6 No Ifs No Cuts
5 The Mental Breakdown
4 Memeulous Feet Reveal Memeulous
3 The Podcast Time Left Behind INabber
2 It didn't come home
1 Its Coming Home

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